Our group of companies has a leading store chain that serves consumers with end-of-season and affordable products of sports brands, considering sustainability and inclusiveness. By offering a wide range of products in the field of sports clothing and equipment, we provide our customers with easy access to quality products. With sustainability-oriented strategies, we take care to minimize our environmental impacts and prioritize environmentally friendly practices.

By adopting inclusivity at the core of our business, we operate with an understanding that appeals to all segments of society and supports diversity. We diversify our products and services to meet the different needs of our customers. We strengthen inclusion by creating a work environment where our employees benefit from equality and fair opportunities.

Our goal is to make sports accessible to everyone and to progress in harmony with the environment and society. We continue to work by combining the principles of sustainability and inclusiveness, increasing the satisfaction of our customers and society, and with the determination to leave a livable world to future generations.