Unal Group takes a leading role in shaping the future in a sustainable way. The way it works, its relationships with communities and its services are all shaped by a focus on sustainability. The group aims to emphasize its commitment to sustainable fashion and the green economy in every project.

In line with this vision, it adopts a holistic approach and makes all its operations and decisions by taking into account the wide-ranging effects of the ecosystem. It constantly tries to minimize its environmental impact by determining strategies to reduce carbon emissions in activities and services, and constantly re-evaluates its operations and business model to make a positive contribution to the ecosystem.

Ünal Group’s understanding of sustainability covers not only the environment but also social impacts. Human resources policies are based on a stance against discrimination and provide fair and equal opportunities to every individual. Promotes diversity and inclusion and strongly brings these values to life in the workplace.

Sustainability forms the basis of Ünal Group’s business model and values. With the aim of leaving a more livable world to future generations, all activities and decisions are shaped in line with the principle of sustainability. The company observes its responsibility towards the environment and society at every step and continues to move forward with this vision.